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The state has become a center for racist and right-wing extremist agitators.The xenophobic National Socialist Underground (NSU) terrorist cell responsible for killing nine immigrants, mostly Turks, between 20 found shelter and support in the city of Zwickau for years.It begs the question: Has the "ugly German" returned?

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"We have to assume that further crimes will be committed against accommodations for asylum-seekers," says Holger Münch, the president of Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office.

German President Joachim Gauck recently condemned the attacks as "disgusting." German Justice Minister Heiko Maas of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), spoke of an "attack on our society." But while these two German leaders are clearly worried about social stability in the country, other politicians seem to be fueling the tensions.

Osei, who is 29, has been living in Germany for eight months.

He's taking German lessons and earns his money by helping other refugees move.

By SPIEGEL Staff It's a Monday night in July and Samuel Osei is frightened to death.

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